What is Impact Hall?

Seattle Impact Hall is a locally rooted, globally minded coworking space. At Impact Hall, you can
build your social enterprise, business, non-profit or community organization alongside a diverse
community of members and collaborators who will inspire, connect, and encourage your best work every
step of the way. We offer a unique and powerful ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaborative
opportunities that are designed to support innovation and positive social impact in our communities.

What Does It Mean To Be A Community Partner?

Community Partners help spread the word about Seattle Impact Hall and vice versa through an in-kind,
cross promotional agreement. The partnership supports the shared goals of building a stronger, more
sustainable, economy and culture based on the UN Global Goals. Together we will work together to
build better programs and spread information to the community to create positive, lasting change. Interested or have questions? Email programs@seattleimpacthall.com.

Partnership From Impact Hall

Your Logo (linked) displayed in our Community Partner section of the website
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts of events and announcements
Event posting in our weekly Newsletter (10,000 people)
Membership Rate for all Event Spaces
Further discount subject to date and event
Collaboration on programming and events
Email programs@seattleimpacthall.com to get started!

Commitment From Our Community Partner

Posting of our events in your newsletters
Social Media post when appropriate w/ collaborations
Help spread the knowledge and message of Impact Hub throughout the community
Profit-Sharing with partnered events help at Impact Hub with Impact Hub

Our Partners