30 Oct 2017

Disaster Prep with Help from Hazard Ready

HazardReady helps people prepare for disasters by making a report for exactly where you live, showing what the relative risks are and how to plan for them.

The site packages the masses of information available from specialists in earthquakes, wildfires and other natural hazards into a form that is easy for everyone to understand and use.  They started in Missoula, Montana, and have just launched the Seattle & King County edition, with content available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Somali and Chinese.
The company was started by an academic and a graduate student at the University of Montana, as a way to put their research about risk communication into practice. Impact Hall members Melinda Minch and Eldan Goldenberg are the tech team, having found the job advertised on Craigslist and realized that between them they had the skills it called for. Melinda made and maintains the website, Eldan built the data processing pipeline, and the data itself comes from city & county emergency management departments.  The whole team hopes they can help us all move on from the panic spurred by That New Yorker Article to actually protecting our homes and storing the supplies that will help us get through the aftermath.
Melinda Minch and Eldan Goldenberg, HazardReady.org
In the coming year, they plan to develop a Metro Portland version of the site, and they’re hoping to keep adding regions after that. Melinda and Eldan are also accepting new clients for web development and GIS work, and especially interested in working on social good projects like they see around them at Impact Hall.
You can learn more about the company at hazardready.org, see exactly what to expect at Seattle Impact Hall’s location, or contact Melinda or Eldan with questions: melinda@hazardready.org & eldan@hazardready.org
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