Housing 101: 4 Things You Need When Moving to a New Home!

People move homes for various reasons – some need to live closer to work and family, some want a fresh start, while others are just starting to get their first-ever homes. But either way, all have one thing in common, and it’s the process of moving.

Moving to a new house is an experience where you’re both excited and anxious simultaneously. Excited about the part you get a new home to make memories in and worried about moving and settling in.

To ease your worries, we’ve come up with a list that can come in handy when moving. If you’re curious to know more about the list, check it all out down below!

1. Boxes in All Sizes!

When moving to a new home, the number one thing you’ll need are boxes. This will store all your belongings when moving, such as kitchen items, living room items, bedroom items, etc. Plus, this also keeps your things organized during travel.

So before the big move, make sure to have tons of boxes ready, and get them in all sorts of sizes. Sorting your things with boxes of many sizes can help you categorize your items better. For instance, your bedroom items will consist of your vanity items, clothing, bed items, and so on. So under “Bedroom items” are a bunch of smaller categories.

So it’s a good idea to keep them categorized and separated using boxes to reduce confusion when unpacking. You can look for boxes at your local grocery store, supply stores, markets, and so on.

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2. A Mode of Transportation

Once you have the boxes to put all your stuff in, you need something to help you move everything from one house to the next. There are two efficient ways to do this; hire movers or rent a van.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the second option, “renting out a van.” Although it’s more tedious, it’s a cheaper option. But if you’re in a rush and have money to spare, consider hiring movers. They’ll be helping you move your stuff and transport it.

3. Get Insurance

If you choose to work with movers, consider getting Insurance. Even when working with reputable moving companies, there are still chances of items getting lost or damaged. So to keep your belongings protected, get Insurance.

Although getting movers and Insurance is pricey altogether, it’s still worth it when you think about it. With movers and Insurance, you’re guaranteed all your items are safe, protected, and properly handled during the move.

If you don’t know much about Insurance, try consulting with an insurance advisor. These are trained professionals that specialize in Insurance and risk. Insurance advisors can help you understand policies, give quality advice, and much more!

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4. Trash Bags

You probably weren’t expecting this on the list, but it is essential. When relocating, trash bags can be used in two ways: either as storage for items or, for their intended function, to hold trash.

When you pack up your things, you’ll surely come across trash and things you no longer need or use anymore; that’s when trash bags come in. And when moving into a new home, you get an image of a fresh start, so old and unused items are left or thrown out.

A Bonus – Industrial Gloves!

When moving, what you mainly do is (1) gather your items, (2) store them and (3) get them transported. Despite sounding simple, these three steps are pretty tiresome and dangerous since you’re moving heavy loads.

So consider getting a pair of industrial gloves. These gloves help grip and protect your hands from friction, sharp edges, and so on. Consider getting at least one pair per family member who helps with the packing.

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Take Away

Now you know the four essential things you need when moving, switching houses will be much easier. Knowing these vital things can help you focus on other and more important things. So use your newfound knowledge and make moving easier for you and your family!

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