Heather Staples

Executive Director

Heather has a degree in Design and Architecture from CU Boulder. Following college, she spent a decade working as a Project Manager in design and construction. For the past 18 years, Heather has worked as Co-Founder and Operations Manager for the Staples Restaurant Group, a group of popular restaurants in Seattle including Restaurant Zoe, Quinn’s Pub and Uneeda Burger. After many years of working with a hard-working staff to deliver a consistently high quality restaurant experience, she’ll now be able to work with our own hard-working staff to deliver a consistently high quality co-working experience. Heather also has a history of involvement in many community/civic groups in Seattle, including FareStart, Capitol Hill Housing, and the Hamlin Robinson School.

After working for many years in the restaurant business, she was ready to leverage her experience into something new. She is very excited about who we are and what we do, and eager to join us and lead Impact Hall forward.

If you see her walking around make sure to say “hello” with a warm Impact Hall welcome.

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